---I had been suffering with sinus problems since 1991. My symptoms included bad congestion headaches, sneezing, and runny nose, I was not sleeping well and felt generally tired and depressed. I often felt that I was not getting enough oxygen into my body and had to sleep with my mouth open. I took several prescription allergy medications but they did not help significantly. Finally I decided to try alternative medicine.
I heard about Dr. Zhang and made an appointment to see him. His examination and explanation of why I was feeling so bad made sense to me so I started treatment. He gave me acupuncture treatments and prescribed herbal teas. Pretty soon I felt relief, and after three months of treatments I felt better than I had felt in years. I no longer had a constantly running nose, no sneezing and best of all I had energy and started to sleep well. As a fringe benefit, I lost 10 lbs in weight!!!
I feel great and recommend Dr. Zhang to anyone who feels that there is no hope for their sinus and /or allergy problems.
Thank you Dr. Zhang!     (L. W.)

---Dear Dr. Zhang, ...Today you gave me relief from the back pain that I had suffered with for months. Your one treatment did wonders for my back pain. Again, I thank you.   (Sara V.)

---At one time my legs were black and swollen; I was unable to sleep because the pain. The temperature of the skin on both legs and hips was cold to the touch due to poor circulation in both legs. There was no feeling sensation in my legs. It was not possible to do any walking— I was scared to think of having my leg amputated. The herbal teas and acupuncture treatments from Dr. Zhang relieved the pain and swelling in my legs and unclog the veins. The color of my skin became more pinkish; the temperature of my legs and hip became warm again. I began to walk about 10 blocks a day and now I am going to ROP school in Oceanside. I thank you for giving me such good medical care.   (D. H.)

--- Dr. Zhang, I would like to thank you for introducing me to the 'seed'. I was interested in the weight loss aspect because I had gained approximately 18 pounds over the last four years and could see that I was going to gain more. You placed the seeds on my ears and I had immediate results. My appetite was satisfied with less food and it also helped me with not always wanting to eat. I have gotten into a good routine of not just going to the refrigerator and getting something out. I have been able to prepare my food at mealtimes and not always thinking of food.
I would recommend the seed approach to anyone with the hope that they work as good for them as they have for me. I have lost 12-13 pounds and have not dieted at all. I have eaten the same foods as always but have not wanted nearly as much of them. Thank You Again.                   (J. S.)

---I feel better, I look better ... I went from 165 lbs. to 135 lbs. in just 10 weeks.                     (Julia H.)

---Two years ago I had been diagnosed with hyperacidity of the stomach with gastric irritation. My symptoms included moderated to severe bouts of burning in my stomach usually an hour or two after eating...symptoms always increased considerable with the monthly onset of PMS. My gastroenterologists prescribed Pepsid and Prilosec to lessen the symptoms of burning, yet I then suffered the side effects of those conventional drugs. For nearly two years it was a struggle to go to work and my gastroenterologist has approved me for disability...I decided to try acupuncture and Chinese medicine through Dr. Mark Zhang. Within the first few treatments I noticed improvement.
With three months of treatment (one treatment a week) I was able to been off Prilosec (40 mg a day) onto Pepcid, a weaker drug, then finally to cease all medication completely. I have been off all medication for nearly two months and am generally symptom free! (In addition, I have almost no symptoms of PMS whatsoever!)...I have every assurance for a complete recovery. I have been recommending Dr. Zhang to friends and co-workers for their ailments as well. (Masha M.)

I had low grade headaches 3 to 5 times a week for 5-7 years. I got tired of talking to my medical doctor about them and not getting a solution. I was also tired of taking Aspirin, Tylenol, etc. on an almost daily basis.
Within 3 visits to Mr. Zhang, my headaches were gone. Mr. Zhang also taught me some acupressure techniques to use when I feel a Headache begin and the headache never really materializes. I feel terrific and have more energy and enthusiasm for life.
I would recommend acupuncture to anyone. On the whole I found the experience to be relaxing and I am thrilled with the results. Thank you, Mr. Zhang. (H. H.)